B-26 B/G Marauder
kit no: 04525
build time: June 23 2014 - November 5 2014

At home all morning without a computr available to cause a distraction. A little math:

no computer + free time = modelling!

And one of the things to do, is confirm that this is indeed a very old kit:

Luckily, that whole mess is on the inside of the wing and doesn't have to go. Unlike this darling:

But that's not much of a problem. En then we can continue scribing the other wing parts and the horizontal stabilisers. And after that: engine nacelles.

On the first two wing halves, I used scribing templates and dymo tape as straight edges. That doesn't exactly work well here: the surface is too irregular, and the lines aren't 100% straight all the time. And so I tested a quicker method: using the raised detail as template for my scriber. The trick here: work slowly, and exert no pressure at all upon the scriber. Works like a charm!

Too bad that there's these nice big ejection pin markings on the inside of the wheelbays. Well, wheelbays is a big word - there's jusrt a few ribs on the side and ceiling, which don't even connect all that well. We're gonna have to fix that. After we fix these marks.

De fuselage halves got the same treatment, except for the vertical panellijnes that wrap all around the fuselage. Those will have to wait until the fuselage halves have been glued together. After all - we can't put in all this work, glue up the fuselage and then find out the panellines don't match up, can we.

And don't ask me why Monogram/Revell molded this top antenna on the fuselage instead of providing it as a separate part.
I've barely started on this kit and I already bent it. This will never survive until it's finished...

And then it's time for the first dryfit. The main parts seem to come together quite well for a kit this old. Too bad it's just a tad bigger than my display cases....
From nose to stern it's 34 cm (13.4 inches), with a little bit to add (nose and tail turrets), with a wingspan of 45 cm (17.7 inches)!

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