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Moebius Models
kit no: 943
build time: January 1 2014 - February 7 2014

Well, 12 days since the start of this, and we're crawling along. I'm a slow builder.

So far, we basically have the steering pit / cockpit / whatchamacallit done.

But let's get back to business. The seats were assembled, painted black en then the sides were supposed to be painted in silver, as was most of the tub. I think that wouldn't look too great, so I went with grey instead, and afterwards misted over a very thin coat of chrome silver. It gives the whole thing a metallic look with being glaringly obvious. The hinges were touched up with copper, and presto. The only thing missing in this pic is the harnass on the passenger seat. For some reason Batman doesn't need one when making emergency stops...

Both sidewalls were painted the same way, followed by a coat of liught grey for the cushions, chrome silver for the bottom step, followed by a bit of drybrushing with chrome silver and a wash to accentuate the panels and bolts. The contrast between the base color and the grey for the cushions could have been better. Still, with the amount you'll be able to see.... Maybe I can leave the roof detachable...

Next up is the control column. When the parts are put together and it's painted up with some silver, it looks like this:

Now it looks decent enough, but not when you look at a pic of the "real" thing. The grey panel on the bright is supposed to be a clear glass display.... So after cutting it out, I replaced it with some clear plastic. I added the "steering wheel" as well, and tilted it a bit just for fun.

Then it was time for the dashboard. It got the same treatment as before. Screens were painted silver, then blue, and finished off with some Future to mkake a glassy surface,. It came out better than the photos show.

And that just leaves some pics of the whole thing put together:

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