Batmobile Tumblr
Moebius Models
kit no: 943
build time: January 1 2014 - February 7 2014

Without further delay, here's the nice box art

In the box you will find a heapload of black plastic parts:

And some clear stuff

As well as some tires and a metal rod I haven't figured out yet, maybe it's the rear axle or something...

The rubber tires are great: nice detail, and no seam line to get rid of:

They also give you a nice booklet of instructions:

With very clearly described instructions - as an aircraft builder I'm not used to this kinda thing

And of course a nice painting guide.

I also have some nice references, with not having yet seen any of these movies, even though I doubt I'll pay a lot of attention to it. Usually I just assume to manufacturer did his homework and got stuff right. Big bad, but I can live with that.

This is gonna be an interesting build [smile]

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