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Moebius Models
kit no: 943
build time: January 1 2014 - February 7 2014

Well, as far as I can see the end is in sight.

I cut all the smaller and bigger parts off the sprues, making sure to know which is which, and shot everything in tire black. It's a nice flat blackish color but not really black. Yay me.

And then we hit a smal snag. This part has 4 locating holes

and that's where this is supposed to fit...

Nothing to fit in the holes. Of course that's an easy fix...

Next step is painting the windows. Well, tinting them as they should be. Some Gunze gloss clear mixed with some tire black, and we have some nice tainted windows.

Now all I have to do is finish the wheels and the metallic colors on the small braces and stuff, and we can start putting everything together.

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