De Havilland Vampire T.11
kit no: A02058
build time: November 25 2017 - December 5 2017

Well, that went sour fast.  The fingerprint was sanded off, buffed up a bit, recoated wityh white and then the luminous orange again.

Time to mask off the dayglow bits.

But as soon as masking tape touched the repairjob, the dayglow went off, even though the white stayed on. So fixing that was not gonna happen, and out the window goes the mojo.

Left the kit for a few hrs, and decided to go slightly different from the Airfix plans. Instead of dayglow on the nose, we'll just cover the whole thing in the same metal color
as the rest and then add a anti-glare panel. So first off, back to sanding:

And then it was time to mask off the remaining dayglow panels on the wings and tail booms.

Followed by a coat of MRP black. This will get some hours to dry off completely and then after dinner we'll spray the metal coat on.
Won't get it finished today, but perhaps tomorrow.

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