De Havilland Vampire T.11
kit no: A02058
build time: November 25 2017 - December 5 2017

Over here, morning's nearly done. Things are moving quickly now.

First off, glasswork put on and masked off.

Next up, paint choices. Yesterday I bought some orange color to use for the dayglow orange on this one. Then, when looking through my paint
rack I found a boittle of MRP's Luminous Orange.... It needs a white undercoatd and I do hate spraying white. Still, it's worth a shot:

Wow, that's bright orange. The photo doesn't really capture it :)

Too bad I do keep screwing myself over and over again

Fingerprint city. Fortunately, that's not on the dayglow part of tghis bird, so I can sand it lightly and then spray it black as undercoat
for the MRP metal color. Not sure if that's needed but that's beside the point :)

Until later

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