SA-43 Hammerhead
Fantastic Plastic
kit no: 072-08-26
build time: December 1 2017 - February 27 2018

First off, I removed the casting blocks and the flash.  I would have liked to have cleaned up the parts completely, but I'd rather do the sanding outside and it's been raining pretty much all day. Perhaps tomorrow...

Next up: prepping the cockpit section and fuselage. Only superglue apparantly is too weak of a bond, judging from what I have see in full-resin garage kits, so I drilled a few holes to accept metal pins. Hopefully the three pins will ensure a sturdy join between these two parts. The holes in the cockpit section are drilled out to be larger than the once in the fuselage section. As such, I can put the metal pins into the fuselage part and fix them with superglue, and still have some room to maneuver. I'll see if I can find some 2 part epoxy glue for the rest of the join, if not, regular CA glue it will have to be.

Then it's time to fit the landing gear bay doors. I will most likely build this one in flight, as it's one ugly son of a gun when it's wheels down, despite the lack of a pilot figure. Getting the doors to fit smoothly will take a wee bit of work though....

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