XB-70 valkyrie
kit no: 1282
build start: June 30 2016

Ok, time to get this show on the road...

First order of business is to check out what we have. Likie the white metal gear struts:

Now these parts do present a challenge or two. And I'm not talking about the flash. I'm thinking more along the lines of this:

And once completed, there are 5 connectors where the strut fits in the wheelbay. Five struts, and not a single one actually fits in the predrilled holes. The center peg appears a tad too big, and the others don't even come anywhere near the holes in the kit. Now the metal is easily bent, but stil. Maybe the plastic struts are the way to go after all ....

The resin wheels look great. 10 wheels, 20 hubcaps, different for the inside and outside, and different hubs for the main wheels and the nose weheels!

Well, time to get started on this big boy. And as always, we begin with the thingie where the pilots sit. Not that you'll be able to see much of it once this thing is together, but I will know it's there [smile]

Sprue gates. You know, those nice little tabs where Phil uses those small scissors on? Well, not this time. This one requires a razorsaw to get through without damaging the parts.

Daar moet je een zaag tegenaan gooien om te voorkomen dat het plastic breekt als je het eraf zou knippen.

The fit of the nose halves is exxcellent. No real seams, just a small step. Nothing a little sanding can't fix.

So we glue together the ejection seat halves.

Too bad the front side has a huge gap.

Bit since there's supposed to be some seating material there, we can easily slobber in some styrene filler.

Next up: panellines. There's a good number of recessed detail on the kit, like here:

...but unfortunately also some raised lines. Firtunately, not too many and almost all straight. So no big deal I hope:

Not bad, if I do say so myself. And only 2 or 3 errors made, which should be easily fixed again.

And then there's this stuff at the trailing edge of the wings. I believe there some kind of slap like things. Which should be completely separate, and so we need to remove some more plastic.

To be continued....

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