Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van "Egg Girls Summer Paint 2016"
kit no: SP345
build time: September 3 2016 - October 28 2016

Well,  managed to get started....

front suspension:

"engine" and rear suspension

And then a funny:  Note how the sprues are marked with "1/24 VW Type 2" ?

Well, not all apparently:

I decided to strip the chrome plated parts since several of the chrome bits didn't survive cleaning up the parts. And look at that.

Top side is yellowish, inside is white. Same part. Weird.  Not to mention the doorhandles, which were on the same sprue.  But they turned out red....

And then the bottom line of parts. They need to be chromed as well, but those weren't on the chrome plated sprue. Weird planning, or planning for another paint scheme that didn't require them chromed.

And the next issue.

The inside blukhead behind the seat doesn't reach the ceiling of the van. And since you can look straight through, that means either adding a bulkheid to prevent that, or making sure the inside is something you can actually look at. Ouch.

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