Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van "Egg Girls Summer Paint 2016"
kit no: SP345
build time: September 3 2016 - October 28 2016

Well, with the chopper done, it's time for a second entry. Let's see if I can finish two.  Something quite different, but when I saw a video on YouTube I know I had to have this.

To me, this is so typical of Japanese culture (just like the IdolMaster series of aircraft), I couldn't pass up starting it immediately....

Nice body. Has a few moldlines I need to get rid of, and two ejection marks on the top. Not an issue.

There's  not a whole lot of parts.  In terior is spares:  couch in the front, steering wheel that's not attached to anything, and bottom half of an engine.  Plus some wheels of course.

Nice glasswork

And the star of the build: the decalsheet

Finished off with typical Hasegawa type instructions and callouts for Gunze paints.

This should be a fun and short build.....

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