F-4EJ Kai Phantom II (IdolM@ster "Miki Hoshii")
kit no: SP287
build time: December 1 2017 - April 16 2018

Well, time for the decalling fun to begin.....

First off, this is the starting point:

First off - the two green stripes on top of the wings and on the tail and tailplanes

And then the same for the underside. With one small glitch: there's a small bump, and when you put the decal on,
it looks like this:

No setting solution in the world I fear is going to fix this, and so I opted to cheat a little, and cut a hole into the decal for the bump, so that now peaks through. I doubt I can match the freen color of the decal, so maybe I'll put on
a greyish color, or leave it as is.

And that means it now looks like this. All decals have no received several coats of MicroSol and X-20A, and still I am not happy.

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