Dassault Mirage III
kit no: 00185
build time: January 2 2018 - April 24 2018

Well, I finally have some progress to show you.

First off, I tried rescribing the tail. I decideed to scribe all the straight lines and just ignore the round stuff. Didn't work for me last time, not gonna go that way on this one.

When I was rescribing the tail, I ran into yet another issue: my scriber completely sank away in soft plastic. Not a clue what it is, there's certainly no whopping amount of glue there. And you can feel it. Must me a dip of at least a millimeter there. On both sides...

And so we dunk a load of putty onto that. In this case, Vallejo's Plastic Putty.

But that's not really progress is it. Nope it isn't.

But I did finally decide to bite the bullet and get moving on the resin cockpit bits. Sorry bout the photo quality, my lamp's not in the right place and some were taken with a strong sun from the side.

Two seats, a Mk.4 and a Mk.6. I didn't know which was which, until I noticed a '4' or '6' oin each side of the casting block....

And the tub

Both were primed with gray primer froma  Tamiya spray can (it's hard to do that outside while it's a bit windy)

And then the whole lot was covered in Gunze's Tire Black

And then I used several different grey tones for the pit.

The seat was painted in several shades of green, after which I added a brownish color for the seatbelts and some light grey for the metal bits.

This is the Mk.6 seat, I decided not to paint the Mk.4 too and just put this one in.

Time to move on to the instrument panel. The resin kit has no instrument detail, instead, it has a piece of PE and some paper with a IP printed on it.

The PE was first sprayed with tire black

And then I sed the green/white sander to lightly go over it and sand off the paint from the raised detail (as per the instructions). Neat idea.

Now that printed piece of paper, as you may have seen, is total and utter crap. The black isn't a problem, but the gauges are completely obscured in vagueness.
So I scanned the bit of paper to get the correct size, blacked out the black and cut the instruments out to be absolutely white. Then I added some detail
depicting the needles and a bit of green on what is supposed to be the artificial horizon.

Looks not all that bad when behind the PE.

And so we glue the paper onto the resin with some kristal klear, and then glue the PE onto that, making the kristal klear ooze out a bit so hopefully it will
dry up and resemble some glassware.

And we finished the front side too, with the green little thingie.

Now one side of the HUD is broken off, but I do have some clear sheet (came with the set) to represent the glass part of the HUD.

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