Dassault Mirage III
kit no: 00185
build time: January 2 2018 - April 24 2018

Well, from what I can tell I probably would have been better off with the Italeri version. It can't be worse than this one....

First problem is easily solved: sinkmarks:

Yes, those two are on the outside fins of the fuel tanks. The center one ends up inside so isn't an issue.

And then there's whatever this may be.

But that's a matter of sanding it off.

I tacked up the two main cockpit parts to start fitting it. This requires cutting away some of the plastic.

It looks good, although I do believe I cut away a tiny bit too much. But that's fixable.

This, however, is beyond my skills to fix.... Scratch the removable and superdetailed engine.

The second set of EFTs. There's steps, gaps, and whatever else you can think of. The only solution: a very very coarse sanding stick, violence, tears, and fixing it up afterwards.

The only detail on these were two lines of raised detail. Not a whole lot.

Then we have the tail. Once put together it looks halfway decent. It requires some cleanup here and there, but very passable. Still pondering the raised detail.... Of course I have yet to testfit this to the fuselage.

Several of our free fall bombs. I still have to add the other fins. Same as the EFTs: a lot of sanding. The only detail is the two recessed lines, which will be easily fixed. Still, on 1/32 scale it seems a bit barren to put these on. Still in doubt. If anyone can recommend good replacements, I'm all ears.

The nosecone is... well, you know what I'm gonna say here.

The portside wing. Not at all unhappy with how the top and bottom half fit (see - it's not all bad!).

Cleanup still required. And of course, it's not exactly a great fit to the fuselage, however, I had expected worse.

This is gonna take me awhile ...

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