Spitfire Mk.XIVc
kit no: 12274
build time: February 2 2014 - April 5 2014

After all this time, I haven't build a single Spitfire yet. There's one in my stash, so why not get to it.

The box is primarily filled with air, and a little bit of plastic.

Then we have some wings, and some little bits.

Some clear parts, including a big seam line on the canopy.

The details aren't all that bad:

And then a special: the only bit of flash to be seen on the entire kit:

Some nice instructions:

And some decals:

Unfortunately for Academy, these are destined for the spares box. They will be replaced by decals from FlevoDecals.

My choice: the Mark XIVc with invasion stripes.

Also, a serious attempt with resin - this Daco set to be exact. Most of the nose will have to be replaced.

This does require some attention though, for example, these parts do go onto the c version, but not onto the e version....

And then I'll have to check which of these 2 seats I will be needing:

Which of the exhausts:

The whole nose section has to go:

And there's some metal wheelstruts:

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