T-28 Super Heavy Tank
kit no: 6750
build time: April 29 2014 - June 30 2014

I'm not big on tanks. They're nice everyone once in awhile, but when I saw this one I was sold. Well, it was sold anyway. Those double tracks...

Because Dragon doesn't provide any background information, I looked around on the usual sources online....

The T-28 (or T-95) was designed at the end of WWII as a tank killer, with its main objective being the ability to force a breakthrough in the Siegfried Line.
Soon after, the designation T-28 was changed to the '105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95', only to be changed to 'Super Heavy Tank T-28' not soon thereafter.
When push came to shove, it came too late - the war was already over by the time the two prototypes were completed, after which the program was cancelled. One of the prototypes was scrapped, and the other was lost (how the heck do you "lose" a monster like this??). The lost sone was found in 1974 whena  farmer came across it in one of his fields. How the T-28 got there is still a mystery.
For a while, the T-28 was open to the public in the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor in Kentucky. Since 2011, it's located in Fort Benning, but it's not part of the public exhibition there.

For those who like statistics:

weight: 86 tonnes
size: 11,1 x 4,4 x 2,8 meters
crew: 4
armament: 105 mm T5E1 with 62 grenades; .50 machine gun with 660 rounds
range: 160 km
maximum speed: 13 km/h

And then it's time to look at the contents of the box:

I'll have to figure out what this is, I think they need to go onto the tracks one by one.

Some extra bits: PE, steel cable and decals.

And then the tracks. Fortunately for me, no separate links to be put together manually.

Instructions. Quite the achievement, 700+ parts in 12 steps.

Painting guide for 1 model. Since there's only the prototype of this thing, it's quite a surprise the manual indicates there's many parts on the sprues you won't be needing....
Also fun how Dragon gives you 12 colors to be used, but the instructions only actually use 4 of these.

This will be interesting :)

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