KV-107 II-5 "Hamamatsu 30th Anniversary"
kit no: 72111
build time: July 10 2016 - September 3 2016

Big fun. Had to actually create a new PhotoBucket account since it refused uploads on my old one (and no, not full). Anyway, this of course has gone on for awhile and I've been bad for not doing more regular updates.

First off, some primer. After that, I masked off the anti-glare panel, and shot it with the blue.

Then add some black on the sponsoons and around the exhausts

Then it was time for decals. Not entirely happy with these. They're very thing, but also brittle - several of em cracked while settling down, or even while still on the backing paper completely untouched...

Time for the little fiddly bits, and a nice lacquer coat to seal the decals and give it a better shine.
Almost done....

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