UH-34D Sea Horse
kit no: 066
build time: March 19 2017 - May 24 2017

Progress is slow, but we're getting there. I have 2 more weeks and then it really needs to be done.

First off, I masked the canopy. Tamoya tape and a sharp hobby knife, works every time.

After which I glued it in place and masked off everything else.

At which point I finally found the window I had misplaced. Of course, as always, at a time when you can't really put it in place anymore. It needs to go in from the inside,
and while the cargo door is open - there's a seat in front of the window opening....

After a coat of black primer and then grey primer, I went over it with the suggested color for the French Navy - Tamiya X3 Royal Blue

Now - for those of you with good memort, do you remember that godawful decal sheet?
(if you dont, I'll wait a moment while you read up in my opening post and then gasp in astonishment. You have 10 seconds. Go!)





Ok, now that you're back: this is how they turned out...

Now to spray again the rotorblades, some claer onto it and a light weathering wash. And yes - both sides have the same blue on them.
It's a trick of the light!

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