2002 Camaro 2'n 1
kit no: 85-4273
build time: February 19 2016 - February 27 2016

I have the week off next week, and seeing how my Strike Eagle is giving me a hard time I figured I should probably get going on something easier. Theoretically, this should be a one week thing. If I can believe the videos on YouTube, the body can be primed, painted and clear-coated in one day, which gives me 7 days or so for the rest. Doable I should thinbk.

The object of this little experiment is the Monogram 2002 Camaro in 1/25.

Some sprue shots. White doesn't photograph too well, or I'm doing something wrong. probably the latter.

I haven't decided yet on a color for the interior. Suggestions are welcome [smile]

I'm not going to bother messing around with the chrome parts sprue. I also won't have to worry about the tail lights since Monogram has already proivided them in transparent red.

And my nemesis when it comes to cars. Let's try not to screw it up this time...

Some rubber tyres

And a first time for me in a car kit (well, it is only the 5th...) some seat belts and PE for the clasps.

I won't be using most of these decals. They're racing stripes or something, and I don't like that too much.

This will be my 2nd attempt using the ZeroPaints range for the body: primer, color and 2K clear coat. Yes, this baby is going to be orange.

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