German E-100 Super Heavy Tank
kit no: 00384
build time: July 20 2017 - September 9 2017

Let's see what's in the box first:

Now I'm mostly an aircraft builder and don't know much about tanks. Which makes the building of em a lot easier.... So let's start off with a look at what we got. Most sprues are individually bagged, with the topside of the thingie under the turret extra protected by some cardboard. Nice. Both these sprues are double, so that makes 16 roadwheels to do. Not too bad.

Some stuff for the turret:

And the sponsoons on the side:

The major components:

And the huge decal sheet (well, only numbers and crosses) and the PE fret with some grills:

Instructions included as well as a color guide for the painting with 2 color schemes, a 2-tone and a 3-tone:

This thing should begin shortly....

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