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decal sheets

B-25 Mitchell (Dragons and Tigers and Girls)
Albatros Modelworksscale 1:4848008
F-8E Crusader (Legend of the Seas)
Albatros Modelworksscale 1:4848015
A-37B Dragonfly (Ferocious Bugs)
Albatros Modelworksscale 1:7272007
Ilyushin Il-4 (Over the III Reich)
AML Decalsscale 1:7272011
B-26B Marauder (B-26Bs of the 450,452,497 BS)
Cutting Edgescale 1:4848116
F4U-4 Corsair (part 3)
Cutting Edgescale 1:4848269
Boeing 707 AWACS (NATO 50th Anniversary AWACS)
DrawDecalscale 1:14444-707-1
Boeing 737-800 (Transavia)
DrawDecalscale 1:14444-737-33
Boeing 737-800 (Transavia Staatsloterij)
DrawDecalscale 1:14444-737-34
Boeing 737-800 (
DrawDecalscale 1:14444-737-31
Boeing 767 (Air Holland)
DrawDecalscale 1:14444-767-13
CH-47D Chinook (Royal Netherlands Air Force)
DutchDecalscale 1:7272050
P-51 (Blue Nose Birds of Bodney)
Eagle Strike Productionsscale 1:484812
A4S-1 Skyhawk (Singapore Scooters)
Horizon Modeltechscale 1:4848001
Mirage III C/D (Israeli Air Force Shahak)
Isra decalscale 1:72
B-24J (The Dragon and his Tail)
Mike Grant Decalsscale 1:48
B-29 (Bomber Babes part 1)
Pyn-up decalsscale 1:4848007
P-47 (Beautiful Jugs part 1)
Pyn-up decalsscale 1:4848005
P-51D (Pretty Fillies part 1)
Pyn-up decalsscale 1:4848003
Spitfire XIc (Girls Who Spit(fires))
Pyn-up decalsscale 1:4848008
B-17 Flying Fortress (The Witch's Tit/Bobby Sox)
SuperScalescale 1:4848-942
A-10A Thunderbolt (Black Lightning Bolt II)
TwoBobsscale 1:4848-065
F-4J (Black Bunny)
Yellowhammer Modelsscale 1:4848-18