F-89 D/J Scorpion
kit no: 04848
build time: November 1 2015 - December 5 2015

I've been procrastinating. But with 3 weeks left to go I have to start pushing on. My phone screwed up some pics though. or I did.

First the cockpit. GS 337 (I think). Can't find the bottle anymore though so hard to tell... Decals for instrument panels are doable in this scale.

Unfortunately, some parts are rather flashy....

The instructions say 20 grams of weight. I put in a little more. First a little superglue then a copious amount of white glue. Now this just has to dry properly.

But alas I was impatient and thus I glued the cockpit and and married up the fuselage...

A mixed feeling kit - some parts are weird, but the fit is exceptional for a kit of this age. The same applies here, except for a part on the bottom side that's a bit ugly, but nothing a little sanding won't cure.
I didn't bother for the glue to completely set - I have a feeling there's little to fix when it comes to seams, but with time not on my side I just put my sprue/glue concoction on the whole thing. Should be able to fix that up tomorrow....

At the same time I also fixed up this. Too bad, it's a nice kit but then you run into crap like this:

On we go!

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