Kawasaki T-4 "Blue Impulse"
kit no:
build time: May 7 2015 - May 25 2015

On we go. First off, the intakes and exhausts are glued together. Pretty good fit, but stilla  wee bit of a seam inside. Sanded it out, which sucks since the sanders are too big and files are too sturdy. But anyway, some white tac and mount them vertical

Fill er up son - no gas, but Tamiya white

Then pour the paint back into the tin, and let them dry

Unfortunately, 2 coats like this didn't cover everything yet, and the third coat has a little trouble drying properly.... And it's not gonna be the last coat either. Maybe I should use something thicker.

Anyways, time to add some tidbits to the wheelbays. As hardly anything will be seen, I won't go crazy. Just some fine lead wire.

I've now also added a wire a bit thicker. Remember that only the top 1 cm of this will be seen....

And I also added some harnasses to the seats. Not a clue how those really look, but it just adds a little bit.

And then it's time to make sure this will stay on it's wheels. A few lead fishing sinkers. Tack into place with a drop of superglue, and once that's set drown in PVA glue.

And yes - I did testfit this to make sure the halves still go together properly. And now we wait for the white glue to dry, the intakes to go off properly, and then we can move on.

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