F4U-1B Corsair (Royal navy)
kit no: 03917
build time: December 1 2017 - December 6 2019

New type instructions for me. Nice glossy paper, colorized, clear, unlike the old style black and white bad copies.


Detailing is nice: shallow (in scale...?) recessed panellines.

And also a nice change of pace: no ejection pin marks on the inside of the wheel bay doors.

Too bad about these sink marks though. Still - I always have issues getting the parts off the sprue and cleaned up properly without destroying that raised detail around the circumference. Not this time, as Revell has connected the top and bottom of the halves to the sprue, not the raised detail.

Time for some cockpit shots.

The wingtips are separate. Not a good idea since that always leaves a seam.

Well, logical though since it turns out there's two types of wingtips in this kit: the rounded ones, and flattened ones. Guess which of those should have been here...

Black paint, silver drybrush. Looks acceptable. Too bad about that grey thingie. Yup - that's the driveshaft for the propeller, which should have been between both engine halves.