T-28 Super Heavy Tank
kit no: 6750
build time: April 29 2014 - June 30 2014

Funny. When someone had counted 700 parts, they obviously failed to include these sprues:

4x108 = 432 additional parts, to reach almost 1000...
So - we put on a movie, sprue cutter at the ready, and time to remove em all.

I didn't lose a single one :)

And then the slow and tedious task of gluing them to the tracks one by one by one by one by one by.....

It looks good, and the first one only took 2 hours! Only to realize that stupid little me glued them on onto the wrong side of the tracks! This is actually the outside.....
Fortunately, the glue bond isn't the best, so it's not that hard to get em all off and glue em back on onto the correct side.

Another 2 hours, and the first track is finally done for real. One down, three to go.

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