KV-107 II-5 "Hamamatsu 30th Anniversary"
kit no: 72111
build time: July 10 2016 - September 3 2016

Well, onto the next group build. This time I'm keeping it simple, l'll soon be starting on italeri's Valkyrie and I don't need two big projects on the go at the same time. So - OOB it is:

I just hope Fujimi did their homework correctly....

The KV-107 is the Japanese version of the Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight, which saw it's maiden flight in 1962. In 1965, Boeing Vertol sold the rights to the aircraft to the Kawasaki Heavy Industries, who went on to produce 150 aircraft, 8 of which were exported to Sweden, and 16 were exported to Saudi Arabia. the KV-107 II-5 as depicted in this model is the SAR version for the JASDF of which 52 were constructed. The paintjob on this model was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hamamatsu Air Base Rescue Squadron.

First off, you get a few sprues in that godawful blue plastic. nothing some primer won't fix but still.

The glasswork looks decent enough, I wonder how well it fits.

Great looking decals.

And simple yet effective instructions.

The interior of the cabin has some detailing. And some ejector pins.

And after that, we quickly get to work. First off - time to give everything a coat of StynelRez black primer.

After which the interior parts got a coat of Aircraft Grey in the recommended Gunze Sangyo paint. The blade tips got a coat of white primer to prepare for the yellow bands, and the seats were also covered in white to prepare for their final color.

So - blade tips in yellow, seats in red. Not that Fujimi bothered suggesting a color for them, but a photo I saw online looked reddish. I also hand painted the seats in some metallic color, and the cushions in olive drab. Probably not the right colors, blame Fujimi for not providing any.

Next up - the blade assembly. It's a 2 part piece, and after they're put together you can simple slide the blades in. Care is needed to avoid breaking stuff while getting it off the sprue. Some gates are very thick, and the part is very dilecate in some areas. In cases like this, I get out the razor saw.

And lastly for the weekend, decals for the instrument panels. They react very well to MicroSol, and I had no problem getting em off the backing paper. Excellent quality.

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